Parking Lot Striping

Colorado Parking Lot Striping

Colorado is surrounded by Wyoming in the north, New Mexico in the south, Oklahoma in the south east, Arizona in the southwest, Kansas in the east, Nebraska in the northeast and Utah in the west. The landscape of Colorado is distinct and diverse, primarily owing to the geological diversity. There are mountains, high plains, forests, mesas, plateaus, canyons, desert lands and rivers. The expanses of alpine mountains, deserts, arid plains, sand dunes, granite and sandstone formations, deep canyons, lakes and rivers as well as lush green forests make the state a tourists’ paradise. Owing to the distinctly varied geology, the state has as a complex climate changing from the eastern plains to the front range foothills to the arid and desert regions. Historically, Colorado has been subjected to weather extremes. Fortunately, the extreme climate is confined to the least and sparsely populated areas, not the tourist hotspots.